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Buy Stiff Silkworm Phelgm Relieving Herb - Jiang Can Herb

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Jiang Can is a traditional chinese herb that is also known Stiff Silkworm. It is suitable to Extinguishes Wind, Dispels Phlegm, Stops Tremors and Convulsions. It Expel wind, transforms phlegm, dissipates nodules and other phlegm nodules. It has actions of dispelling exogenous wind and dispersing wind-heat for alleviating pain, improving vision, relieving sore throat and relieving itching. For headache, blood-shot eyes with swelling and pain, tearing against wind due to up-attacking of wind-heat, it is often combined with wind-dispersing and heat-clearing herbs. It is Salty, pungent, neutral and enters through liver and lung meridians.


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